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Security Groups Praise Biden for Closing in on Iran Deal

As of Wednesday, both the US and Iran had submitted responses to the EU proposed final text.

President Biden today earned praise from an array of security groups and pro-diplomacy groups as the White House closes in on a diplomatic agreement to block Iran’s paths to a nuclear weapon, and as allied representatives press Iranian negotiators to drop additional demands and seal the deal.

More than a dozen groups, including the Truman Center for National Security, the Center for International Policy, J Street, Win Without War and the Quincy Institute released a joint letter to President Biden in support of the ongoing diplomatic efforts.

“We applaud your administration’s efforts to get us closer than ever to resealing the Iran nuclear deal,” the letter reads, describing re-entry to the deal as a “historic opportunity” to cut off Iran’s path to nuclear weapons.

Since taking office, president Biden’s team has worked to restore President Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal which President Trump unilaterally withdrew from in 2018, a step which led to Iran turning off monitoring equipment and stockpiling material which had been banned under the deal.

“This deal would be a huge security win for the United States by putting Iran’s nuclear program back in a box and taking us off the path of another senseless war in the Mid East,” said Sara Haghdoosti, Executive Director at Win Without War. 

“It’ll also make a huge difference in the lives of people in Iran who are struggling under a brutal regime and draconian sanctions. We’re hopeful that the Biden Administration will shortly add this achievement to its list,” Haghdoosti said.

In a joint statement, the groups blasted the Trump administration’s failure to negotiate any replacement agreement which would contain Iran’s nuclear program, putting the US and Iran on a collision course toward conflict.

“Opponents had their chance to prove their way worked and failed, bringing Iran closer to bomb than ever before,” said Dylan Williams, a Senior Vice President with J Street, a pro-Israel, pro-peace advocacy group. “There’s a reason that US participation in the Iran Deal is supported by majorities of voters from both parties, a supermajority of Jewish Americans and the consensus of the Israeli security establishment — it blocks Iran’s paths to a nuclear weapon.”

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