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‘Iran Diplomacy Works’ is proudly a J Street campaign.

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    Obama and Biden’s Diplomacy Blocked Iran’s Nuclear Program

    Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Made it Worse

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    Striking Iran Shouldn’t Be on the Table

    So much of the commentary suggests that a forceful U.S. military operation inside Iran would scare the ayatollahs straight. Yet the evidence in support of that conclusion is weak to nonexistent. Iran has retaliated to previous U.S. and Israeli attacks repeatedly.

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    An Opening to Deescalate the Iran Nuclear Crisis?

    Iran’s recent willingness to work with the International Atomic Energy Agency to increase transparency on its nuclear program could help open diplomatic space for additional steps toward decreasing tensions and rolling back Iran’s nuclear advances.

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    ‘Iran Diplomacy Works’ is proudly a J Street campaign. At J Street, we’re proud to speak out for the pro-diplomacy, pro-peace majority of American voters and American Jews who know that only smart, strategic, strong diplomacy can prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and avoid another catastrophic conflict in the Middle East.