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About Us

IranDiplomacyWorks is a campaign to promote the critical importance of proactive American diplomacy as the only effective way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, and to avoid another disastrous war in the Middle East.

By highlighting the successful impact of the JCPOA nuclear agreement, and the disastrous failure of President Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the agreement, we’re demonstrating that the diplomatic approach worked before and can work again. We’re making clear that the opponents of diplomacy have completely failed to achieve their stated goals. Their harmful policies have empowered Iranian hardliners, led to the removal of key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, and pushed us toward the brink of war.

Through our website and a range of advocacy and communications efforts, we’re showing policymakers that most Americans – and an overwhelming number of leading security experts from the US, Israel and around the world – support the path of diplomacy and a return to the highly effective terms of the JCPOA agreement.

IranDiplomacyWorks is a project of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. J Street is an organization committed to advancing the security and best interests of both Israel and the United States. It has consistently championed a proactive diplomacy-first approach as the best way to resolve conflicts and address difficult foreign policy challenges.

J Street is proud to be part of a large coalition of groups that strongly advocated for the JCPOA nuclear agreement in 2015, clearly opposed President Trump’s failed maximum pressure policies, and today support the path of diplomacy in order to effectively restrict Iran’s nuclear program, reduce tensions and prevent dangerous escalation.